Email Newsletter

Email newsletter project!

We had to create an email newsletter for either a medical or veterinary practice. I, of course, chose animals.

I used the information for a local animal hospital, but I created a new logo.

I wanted to make something fun and modern that people would actually read. I started by making my newsletter 600 pixels wide. All my research on best practices said that most browsers support 600 pixels, but not much larger. If I was really making this email, I would have gone with a responsive design that would work with mobile devices, but 600 pixels will resize alright for phones and tablets.

Some of the most important things I saw for making good newsletters were having a clear hierarchy of information, compartmentalize your content, connect to social media, and design for mobile. To hit these things I have a clear header and footer, and my body content between. I used lines and color blocks to break up the information. I have clear headlines, body copy, and links. I used a single column design that was sized for viewing online and on mobile devices. I also created social media buttons.

I chose easy to read fonts that were modern and a bright, trendy teal color with plenty of white space to give the newsletter a clean, young, fun feeling. All the photos are via unsplash and are free for use. The two fonts I used, Big John and Raleway are also freefor use.

See the whole thing here!

Any feedback it welcome below!

App Development Part 2

Wow, did this project knock me around a little. It just kept getting bigger and longer as I thought of more and more screens to include. Honestly, I just kept coming up with ideas. This project consumed my entire life for a while.

But now it’s done! I can sleep again! And see the sun!

Honestly though, I’m really proud of this. For my first mobile design presentation, I think this is pretty good. I would invest in it.

See the whole thing here!

As always, feel free to leave any comments below!

App Development Part 1

Here we are, mobile app design!

For this project we had to create an app for an idea we had or to improve an existing idea. We had to create a Print-ready PDF outlining our app, either for a phone or tablet. We had a to design a logo and all the pages the app would need and then create a mockup presentation to explain each screen.

I chose to do an app based on car maintenance because I can never remember when I need to get my oil changed or my tires rotated. After doing some research I found that there are some apps like this out there, and while they are probably very functional, they aren’t very attractive. They also seem to be mostly aimed at businesses that manage a fleet of cars or men. I wanted to create an app that would target more women and families instead and have an stylish, modern, sleek design.

I’ve included my app sketches here and my beginning mock up files. Any criticism is welcome!

My Favorite App

This week, we started on app design, so we discussed out personal faves.

I have a ton of apps that I use, but I think my favorite is kickstarter.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.25.40 AM

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding app that features all sorts of really cool products and businesses that people are trying to get started. I’ve found some really neat gadgets and games there, plus I’ve supported some really great causes. I’ve never really looked into other crowdfunding apps, but I really like that there’s no personal funding. People are really trying to start businesses there.

The app is free, but you’re using it to spend money on things, so there’s that. I don’t think I would pay for it, because I am actually using it to spend money, mostly on things I don’t really need.

The projects are separated by category, but you can also search by popularity and key words. If I were going to add something, it would be a way to add to the project late. Sometimes I don’t have the money for something, or I miss something I’d really love to have because the funding has ended and there isn’t always a way to get in touch with the creator and see if something is available. I would add a feature that would let people like me contact the creator if they missed a project.

Wordpress Site in a Week

For this project we had to create a website for a fake small business using wordpress. We had to come up with content and include at least 4 different pages (Home, Contact, About, and Services).

I’m pretty familiar with wordpress, so I had fun with this project and chose a theme unlike anything I’d ever tried before. It was really customizable and had a rolling font page. I chose to create a fake bakery called Parker & Fitz. I came up with a home page, about, contact, and menus for coffee and food.

Check out the website here!

Wordpress in Today’s Workplace

There are a lot of things that are appealing about using wordpress to build a site, but I think its mostly ease of use. WordPress does all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to understand HMTL or CSS to make an attractive, usable wordpress site. It’s already scaled fore mobile sites, there are plug-ins for whatever you need, and it’s easy to update. If you want to change the look of your site, but preserve your content, wordpress makes it easy. Plus, it’s open source, so it’s constantly being improved.

There’s a huge learning curve with HTML and CSS, but wordpress does all that hard work for you. It’s much easier to use.

There are a lot of people using wordpress. As of January 2015, over 50% of CMS sites were built with wordpress – nearly 16 million sites. I’m not sure how many were used for business versus being used as personal blogs, but the numbers are staggering.

As of March 1, 2017, WordPress boasted 58% of the CMS market. It’s nearest competitor, Joomla, had only 7%.

I found a bunch of really great wordpress themes, but here are my top 4 free themes.





Graphic Standards Manual Part 2

Finished Graphic Standards Manual!

This ended up being both longer and more involved than I had originally planned, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

As you can see, I added some filler, like the design quote, to both keep things visually interesting and make my spreads a little more even. This ended up being 14 pages including the front and back covers. It took a ton of work, but I think I ended up with something modern and clean, but usable.

See the whole thing here!

Tell me what you think!

Graphic Standards Manual Part 1

For this project we had to make a Graphic Standards Manual for a fictional company called Crucible, a design competition company, that was re-opening after a 6 year break. They already have a logo and colors, so I won’t be redesigning any of that.

After doing a bit of research, into both GSMs and the concept of Crucible, I decided to go with a clean, modern, fire theme.

I’m still not 100% on what exactly I’m going to include, but I’ve made some lists and I think I’ve mostly narrowed it down.

Here are my lists and sketches, but come back for the final PDF!