Email Newsletter

Email newsletter project!

We had to create an email newsletter for either a medical or veterinary practice. I, of course, chose animals.

I used the information for a local animal hospital, but I created a new logo.

I wanted to make something fun and modern that people would actually read. I started by making my newsletter 600 pixels wide. All my research on best practices said that most browsers support 600 pixels, but not much larger. If I was really making this email, I would have gone with a responsive design that would work with mobile devices, but 600 pixels will resize alright for phones and tablets.

Some of the most important things I saw for making good newsletters were having a clear hierarchy of information, compartmentalize your content, connect to social media, and design for mobile. To hit these things I have a clear header and footer, and my body content between. I used lines and color blocks to break up the information. I have clear headlines, body copy, and links. I used a single column design that was sized for viewing online and on mobile devices. I also created social media buttons.

I chose easy to read fonts that were modern and a bright, trendy teal color with plenty of white space to give the newsletter a clean, young, fun feeling. All the photos are via unsplash and are free for use. The two fonts I used, Big John and Raleway are also freefor use.

See the whole thing here!

Any feedback it welcome below!

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