App Development Part 1

Here we are, mobile app design!

For this project we had to create an app for an idea we had or to improve an existing idea. We had to create a Print-ready PDF outlining our app, either for a phone or tablet. We had a to design a logo and all the pages the app would need and then create a mockup presentation to explain each screen.

I chose to do an app based on car maintenance because I can never remember when I need to get my oil changed or my tires rotated. After doing some research I found that there are some apps like this out there, and while they are probably very functional, they aren’t very attractive. They also seem to be mostly aimed at businesses that manage a fleet of cars or men. I wanted to create an app that would target more women and families instead and have an stylish, modern, sleek design.

I’ve included my app sketches here and my beginning mock up files. Any criticism is welcome!

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