The Empty Book Part 2

For this project I ended up taking my initial sketches and running with them. I chose to focus on The Survival of a Red Shirt title. I wanted it to look like a retro sci-fi poster, or at least give that vibe. I focused on iconic graphics and primary colors – also the same colors as the shirts on Star Trek. I also kept everything fairly two-dimensional.

I played around with the placement of the graphics and text a little. My initial idea had the title up top, but I didn’t like how unbalanced the front cover felt that way. I also chose a fake author name, the name of the first female red shirt to die on Star Trek, according to the internet.

I also ended up adding a texture to the initial comp. The grungy, painted, sponged on texture really gives it that old school, retro feeling without being too over the top.

I chose the Alierons typeface for the title and author. It has a subtle sci-fi feel. I gave the title a gradient to keep the feeling of movement and emphasis the direction of the graphic. The back cover copy is in the Droid Serif typeface, and I ended up going with all caps for readability.

I’m honestly pretty pleased with how this turned out. I went back and forth about adding stars to the background, but in the end I left them out. I didn’t really feel like they were necessary.

As always, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments below!

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