Real Problems, Real Solutions Part 1

It’s school project time boys and girls!

For this project we had to choose a social cause that we felt passionate about and build a campaign around it. I chose Literacy in America and immediately got started doing some serious research. A lot of research. Way too much research.

Literacy seems to be mostly handled at a local level. There’s quite a bit of information at a National level, but not much in the way of a campaign for changing it. Literacy is also something people don’t like to talk about – it’s embarrassing and there’s no obvious victim that you can point at and say, “that’s an illiterate person.” I felt that both of these things needed to be addressed in my campaign.

I also wanted something related to writing for this campaign, so my brainstorming included things like paper, books, journal, typography, etc. Sketches came next.

Please excuse my terrible drawing skills. My quick sketches are never pretty.

I was thinking about doing typography portraits, but they are difficult to read normally, so for the cause of literacy, they might not have been the best idea. However, I really wanted to give a face to the cause, because that is something that everything I looked at seemed to be missing.

Ultimately, I decided on a series of posters that focused on dramatic typography over a portrait photo, a bus stop ad with a mirror where the normal photo would be, and a tote bag that could be sold in partnership with libraries or bookstores. Stay tuned for the final project next week!

Are you interested in any social causes? Tell me about them and your ideas for campaigns in the comments!

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