You Can Work From Home


If you’re anything like me, any time you sit down to work on a blog post or creative project your brain starts. You know what I mean. I really should throw in a load of laundry. I was going to watch that documentary on Netflix. Did I get the mail this morning?  And boom – you’ve lost your momentum and you’re not getting anything done. Sometimes I just have to get out of my place just to get some work done.

Whether you’re a freelancer, student, full-time designer, or someone who’s working your side hustle, there’s one thing we all know – working from home is a serious struggle… and the struggle is real.

I recently came across a blog post by blogger and designer Erin Flynn on just this topic. 5 Tips to help you stay focused while working from home. Erin gives her top tips for dealing with distractions at home. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Erin says you should create “office hours” with an in time and and out time to help you stick to your schedule. You can do the dishes after work.

2. Even if you don’t have a home office, Erin encourages having a work space where that is all you do to help your focus.

3. Either literally or figuratively, Erin believes that keeping distractions out of sight is keeping them out of mind.

4. Just like at a 9 to 5, Erin says to take breaks for whatever (cough coffee, Pinterest cough) so you’re less likely to do things you shouldn’t while working.

5. If all else fails, Erin says to just deal with the dishes that are making you crazy. Once you’ve dealt with the distraction, you can focus on getting work done.

So, what do you do to keep your focus when working from home? Share your tips!

Read Erin’s full post here and check out her website here!



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